Our Team

Name - Dr. T. P. Singh

Designation - Director & Professor

Email Id - director@sitpune.edu.in

Area of interest - Electric Discharge Machining, Waste Minimization, Industrial Engineering & Technology Management. Lean Systems

Name - Dr. Neeru Bhagat

Designation - Associate Professor

Area of interest - FINEMET, Nanocrystalline alloys, Soft Magnetic Materials, Nanotechnology

Name - Dr. Rao Prakash

Designation - Deputy director & HOD - Energy & Environment

Email Id - dydirector@siib.ac.in

Area of interest - Environmental Sciences, Climate Change, Sustainability, Natural Resource Management

Name - Dr.Kanchan Khare

Designation - Head of the Department, Professor

Area of interest - Environmental Hydraulics, Soft Computing, Project Based Learning), Experimental Hydraulics, Waste Management, Biodegradation

Name - Dr. Dipika Kaur Jaspal

Designation - Associate Professor

Area of interest - Physical/Environmental Chemistry (Waste Water Treatment for toxic Wastes) Water Purification, Dyes Removal

Name - Dr. Rahul Hiremath

Designation - Assistant Professor

Area of interest - Systems Waste Management, Energy & Sustainability

Name - Prof. Viraja Bhat

Designation - Assistant Professor & HOD - Information Technology

Email Id - viraja@siib.ac.in

Area of interest - E-Waste, Municipal Waste Management

Name - Nilisha Prashant Itankar

Designation - Assistant Professor

Area of interest - Biosorption of heavy metals using low cost bioadsorbent,Wastewater Management.

Name - Prof. Saravan Krishnamurthy

Designation - Assistant Professor

Email Id - saravan@scit.edu

Area of interest - Renewable Energy, Sustainability

Name - Dr. Yogesh Pisolkar

Designation - Assistant Professor

Email Id - yogesh.pisolkar@scmspune .ac.in

Area of interest - Sustainability, Coastal Zone Management

Name - Dr. Aditi Mishal

Designation - Associate Professor

Area of interest - Operations Management, Environmental Marketing

Name - Dr. Shubhra Anand

Designation - Associate Professor

Area of interest - Environmental Finance, MSMEs

Name - Prof. Amol Sapatnekar

Designation - Teaching Associate

Email Id - amol.sapatnekar@symlaw.ac.in

Area of interest - Waste Management Legislation,IPR

Name - Dr Tarun Pratap Singh

Designation - Professor

Area of interest - Geoinformatics, Environmental Management